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Father of the Regiment

Details of Raising

Maj H S Chauhan, while posted at the Rajput Regimental Centre, was asked to proceed to Palampur to take over those Gorkha troops of 7th and 10th Gorkha Rifles (comprising mainly the Rais and Limbus, hailing from Eastern Nepal) who had not opted to proceed to United Kingdom when india attained independence. Accordingly, he reached Palampur on 31st December 1947, accompanied by Capt S D Sawhney who was to assist him in taking over the ‘Records’.

Having got his men together, that is, 1034 ‘non-optees’ of 7th Gorkha Rifles located at Palampur and 780 ‘non-optees’ of the 10th Gorkha Rifles located at Alhilal, Lt Col H S Chauhan raised 11th Gorkha rifles at Palampur on 1st Jan 1948, though the official orders for the raising came much later. Thus, Lt Col H S Chauhan became the founder of 11th Gorkha Rifles, first regiment to be raised in independent India. He has been a born leader and a visionary. He was keen to get all the ‘non-optees’ to be absorbed in the 11 Gorkha Rifles and organized them into battalions. He made numerous trips to Delhi to prevail upon Army Headquarters to issue orders for raising the battalions and thus 3/11 Gorkha Rifles and 4/11 Gorkha Rifles were raised in 1948. Thus, he is rightfully called the ‘Father of the Regiment’.

 Move of details of the Centre

Palampur Jan 1949 to Jan 1953

Clement Town Feb 1953 to May 1968

Gunghora Jun 1968 to Feb 1976

Darjeeling Mar 1976 to May 1983

Lucknow Jun 1983 to till date


Raising Days

11 GRRC      01 JAN 1948

1/11 GR       01 SEP 1960

2/11 GR       11 JAN 1963

3/11 GR       01 JAN 1948

5/11 GR       08 MAY 1948 

6/11 GR       01 OCT 1963

7/11 GR      01 JAN 1965  

1 Sikkim Scouts 01 OCT 2013

107 Inf Bn (TA) 11 GR     01 OCT 1960 



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