The Bands

              Col HS Chauhan, founding  Father of the Regiment, was a great visionary. He wanted the parades and guard mounting to be done in attendance of the band. Therefore he wanted to raise the Military Band of the Centre on priority. Fortunately, a JCO found some band instruments inadvertently left behind by the Britishers in one of the barraks at Palampur and with   help of voluntary contributions  from all ranks, the band was thus raised despite numerous problems.

             The first band  JCO was Nb Sub AS Gautam (1964-1966) who worked tirelessly under the supervision of the then Commandant Col(later Lt Gen) RD Hira. Band instruments, which were simple and Indian, were purchased. The  formation of the Band was done with the help  of some fellow Musicians form the 5th Grokha Training Centre and 8th Gorkha Training Centre . After that, the musicians were enrolled in their separate trade and trained. The first foreign instruments  were from the  Boossyy & Hawks Co Ltd, London and the present instruments, which were issued in the year 2005, are from COD Kirbi Place, Delhi Cantt.