Training of Agniveers

                                                                                                ENROLMENT AND TRAINING


Peasants and others from Nepal and India are enrolled by GRD Kunraghat and Ghoom and, after going through various tests, are sent to Training Centre. Enrolment is also carried out by the Regimental Centre under the Unit Headquarters Quota. With the implementation of Agnipath Scheme in 2022, the terms and conditions of those being enrolled as Agniveers (a new rank) has been restricted to four years, after which a selected percentage of meritorious volunteers will be re-enrolled as regular soldiers.


Enrolment Criteria


Age Limit (Yrs)

Educational Qualification

GD Soldiers

17 ½ - 21

10th Class Pass


17 ½ - 23

12th Class Pass


17 ½ - 23

10th Class Pass



Minimum Class 10th pass


157 cm


48 kg


171/2 yrs to 21 yrs



The Regimental Training Centre provides the first contact to Agniveers with Army life. It takes 31 weeks’ training before the keen, enthusiastic and inquisitive young Agniveer is attested so that he can take his rightful place in the unit, whether in field or in peace.

The entire canvas of training is so structured that interest in training is kept alive and the Instructor-Agniveer involvement is total.

Along with emphasis on field craft, battle craft, drill and physical fitness, it is devoured to bring about greater awareness in a soldier’s mind about the status, role and importance of the Army in a democratic setup as well as the role and responsibility of a trained Agniveer towards his nation.

Over the last seven and half decades there has been substantial improvement in the training infrastructure at the Regimental Centre. Use of Small Arms Training Simulators has been optimized and integrated with actual firing practices. In addition, innovative training aids have been provisioned. The curriculum ensures greater participation in games, sports and co-curricular activities like hobbies/ clubs.


                                           Recruits at 11 GRRC : Lucknow - always on the run


                                                                Toughening exercise - 11 GRRC


                                                       A recruit undergoing river crossing training


                                                                                             ATTESTATION AND PASSING OUT PARADE


On completion of 24 weeks of rigorous training, the Agniveers are attested and administered the oath to serve the nation, after which they are made to undergo the residual advanced training or On the Job Training as applicable to their respective trade.

Passing Out Parade

On completion of 31 weeks of rigorous training, the Agniveers pass out from the Regimental Centre after an energetic Passing out Parade, which shall remain nostalgic to them forever.  These young Agniveers are then dispatched to their respective units.


          Oath Taking Ceremony during the Attestation Parade


                                             Passing Out Parade of Rects


    Best Rect of the Batch receiving the coveted Khukri from Comdt, 11 GRRC