PAO (OR) 11 GR functions under CGDA through PCDA (CC), Lucknow and is vested with the onerous responsibility of ensuring correct and timely remittance of salary and allowances to the JCOs / OR of the Regiment.  The establishment has been fully automated and is functioning on DOLPHIN software.  ARPAN software has also been extended to the establishment by Records 11 GR for ensuring smooth functioning.

            The establishment is ensuring expeditious processing and adjustment of part II orders and claims of JCOs / OR of the Regiment and timely issuing of Monthly Pay Slip and Form 16. 

            The establishment is also responsible for ensuring processing of pension and post discharge claims of JCOs / OR (including dependents)  As of now, Sushil Chandra is performing the duties of In charge                PAO (OR) 11 GR.


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