Kiranti Parivar Scheme:-

Kiranti Parivar Scheme (KPS) has been instituted as a charitable trust for NOK of all Ranks of the Regt who die in harness subject to conditions. The corpus for meeting the expenditure on account of financial grants disbursed will be met from the interest accrued from contribution given by units and individuals. The aim of KPS is to provide imdt one time financial grant to the NoK of eligible pers who die while in service and are cl as 'Physical Cas' for the purpose of terminal and pensionery benefits.

The rates of subscription for KPS are as follows:-

Individuals- All Offrs, JCOS, OR and rects will make one time non-refundable subscription of Rs 2000/-

(The benefits admissible to the NOK of fatal casualty for all ranks is Rs 1.5 lac)

NOK- Details of NOK will be as per IAFF-958 being maintained in the unit and sheet roll maintained by Records Office. On receipt of Death part II Order, PRI office will verify the details of NOK with Record office in writing. All payments of KPS will only be made after due verification of NoK from MP-5, of IHQ of MOD (Army) / Record Office.

(SOP on the subject has been formulated)