SOP Tangible Welfare Measures


                                                      AND THEIR WARDS- (2021)


1.         Welfare of veer naris, widows, disabled soldiers, ESMs and their wards is an important  matter.

Therefore, there is a requirement of sensitizing the environment regarding various schemes and

benefits made available by DIAV, AG’s Branch and other agencies  so as to enable them to get their

dues in time.

2.         Beneficiaries of our Regiment are spread over various places in India and Nepal. Hence, our first

responsibility should be to reach out, obtain beneficiaries details,  make them aware about their

benefits and then  follow up on case to case basis.  Therefore, collective efforts by the units, Centre,

Records and Presidents of  11 GRWA chapters & ESM associations would be required to build up the

data and update the same from time to time.  Attention is also required to be paid to include widows

of physical casualties and deceased young soldiers who did not achieved pensionable service.


3.         To facilitate Veer Naris, widows, disabled soldiers, retired JCOs/OR and their wards  in getting

the entitled benefits provided by DIAV/AG’s Branch and other agencies & to ensure that the

beneficiaries get their due in realistic time frame.


4.         (a)       A concerted effort would be made by all the  stake holders to  compile the data

             regarding Veer Naris, widows, disabled soldiers, retired JCOs/OR and   their wards etc as per

             format at    Appx ‘A’.

            (b)       All stake holders, mentioned above, should be aware of various grants given by DIAV,

             AG’s Branch  and other agencies like DA Nepal, Gorkha Brigade, 11 GR Welfare Association. 

            (c)        Above data would be shared by all the stake holders   and a central data base

            repository should be maintained by 11 GRRC and Records 11 GR so as to carry out monitoring

            and  assist  in expeditious  action wherever and  whenever needed.

            (d)       Awareness Drive.   With a view to sensitizing the environment regarding the benefits

            offered by  the Govt, Army HQ, DIAV and other agencies, a Compendium of various welfare

            schemes for  Veer Naris, Widows, disabled soldiers, ESM and  their wards as also the

            procedures  for preparing the claims including formats of  application forms have been

            compiled by 11 GRWA and assured to cell concerned for information and necessary action.

Responsibilities for Collection/Compilation of Data

11 GR Bns.     

5.         (a)       Units will contact their Veer Naris, Widows, disabled soldiers through pers proceeding

            on leave/temporary duty or through mobile communication to ascertain their well being and to

            know whether or not they are getting their entitled  dues  like  pension, ECHS and CSD

           facilities or otherwise.

           (b)       Motivate Veer Naris and facilitate them in filling up the application form for getting  grants

            for free education and hostel fee for their children as also facilitate them in availing various

           grants from DIAV/AG’s Branch and other agencies as per the details available on DIAV


           (c)        Facilitate non-pensioners and blind persons to get penury grant of  Rs. 4000/-pm from

           Integrated HQ of MoD (Army).

           (d)       Facilitate veterans/widows in financial distress or those who have suffered loss due to

          fireor natural calamities to get distress grant from Integrated HQ of MoD (Army) after forwarding

          the details to Records 11 GR.

           (e)       Facilitate widows in claiming CEA for the wards of physical casualties and battle

           casualties (Fatal).

            (f)        Facilitate quadriplegic / amputee veterans to get mobility equipment  & modified kits

            for car/scooter and grants for modification of bathroom.

            (g)       Honour them during important events by inviting them.

11 GRRC & Records 11 GR

6.         (a)       Suo-moto check of all PPOs of pers who have retired before year 2000 and  correct

             anomalies affecting pay & allowances.

            (b)       Ensure that all terminal benefits are provided to the NOK at the earliest.

            (c)      Claims for various grants from Army HQ, Central / State Govts should be  pursued until

            finally settled.

            (d)       Org coaching courses for various Govt jobs for potential retirees in collaboration with

            Army HQ.

            (e)       Ensure gallantry awardees receive gallantry allowance.

            (f)        Ensure that Veer Naris have got benefits of 7th CPC and are getting full  pension.

            (g)       Ex gratia  amount due from PCDA (P) should be claimed and credited into the accts of


            (h)       Encourage  eligible widows to claim CEA for their wards.

            (j)        Centre & Records to render advice on welfare matters and to provide data on IDG and

             NDG retirees/dependants required by the units.

           (k)        Payment of entitled financial grants to the NOK of eligible pers who have died while in

            service (physical and battle casualties). 

Association Chapters and ESM Associations.

7.         (a)       Chapters  in consultation with ESM association should identify potential   candidates for

            SSB coaching, skill training and coaching of  desirous ESMs inclined to pursue second career


            (b)       Bring to the fore cases requiring financial and medical aid.

            (c)        Project cases of non pensioners and blind persons eligible for penury grants.

            (d)       Project cases of disabled soldiers needing mobility eqpt.

            (e)       Project cases for grants for  natural calamities.

            (f)        Project cases for widow’s/daughter’s marriage.

            (g)       Assist Veer Naris, widows & disabled soldiers in preparing the documents required for 

            various claims.

            (h)       Ensure that every eligible pensioner receives the entitled dues.

            (j)         Ensure Decent Last Rites on demise of a veteran and claiming of demise  grant.

            (k)        All cases would be projected to Centre/Records and 11 GR Welfare  Association.

            (l)        Organise skill development training in computers, Beauty Parlour and pre-enrolment/

            pre-commission trg at reputed institutions including Prime Minister’s Kaushal Vikas Kendras

            (PMKVK) at various stations, after ascertaining syllabus, duration of trg and fee aspect.

11 GR Welfare Association

8.         (a)       Arrange funds through donations and from the CSR budget of corporate houses etc.

            (b)       Senior offrs should adopt a widow / disabled soldier / ward of their unit to help them in

            getting their dues / benefits.

            (c)        Co-ordinate efforts of all stake holders.

            (d)       Keep the Patron and Members of association  informed about the   progress.


9.         (a)       The units will be required to facilitate correctly filling  up of requisite forms  in r/o their

            Veer Naris, Widows, Disabled Soldiers, ESMs and their wards for the particular grant/grants

            and follow it up till the amount is credited in beneficiary’s account .  In case of any difficulty or

           doubt, the case should  be referred to 11 GRRC and Records 11 GR with a copy endorsed to

           11 GR Welfare  Association.

            (b)       As regards the skill development training, this aspect should  be taken care of by the

             Presidents of  chapters of 11 GR Welfare Association i.e Dehradun, Darjeeling and Bagdogra,

             through the respective ESM Association.

            (c)        Chapter Presidents should identify reputed institutions in their area which would be

            suitable for imparting skill development training in computers, beauty parlour, pre-enrolment

           / pre commission training or any other discipline with the approval of the Managing Committee

           for the eligible candidates. Details aboutthe syllabus, duration of such courses and the fee,

            including any discount should  be forwarded to 11 GRRC for vetting.  

           (d)       Fees for the Courses to be attended should be directly transferred into the Bank Acct of

            the institution concerned.

            (e)       After completion of the concerned course, a report will be forwarded to 11 GRRC for the

            info and necessary action of the Management Committee.

10.       Managing Committee :-

            (a)       Patron                                    :           Col of the Regt.

            (b)       President                               :           Comdt, 11 GRRC

            (c)        Vice President                      :           Dy Comdt, 11 GRRC

            (d)       Members                               :           All Battalion Commanders.

11.       Executive Committee :-

            (a)       Chairman                              :           Comdt, 11 GRRC

            (b)       Vice Chairman                      :           Dy Comdt 11 GRRC

            (c)        Members                            : 1.       CRO, Records 11 GR

                                                                   2.       Executive Secy 11 GRWA


13.       Need for collective efforts to ascertain the  needs of the Veer Naris, Widows, Disabled Soldiers,

ESMs and their wards, maintaining contact with them and then ensuring that they are in receipt of their

entitled dues is the need of the hour.  The action to be taken by various stake holders are suggestive

and, by no means, exhaustive.More such initiatives could be thought of to ameliorate their hardships

and meet the aspirations of the most needy. This would be a continuous process and should be

pursued relentlessly till the benefits reach the beneficiaries which will be the genuine welfare.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ( Refer to Para 4 (a)  of the  SOP)

Ser No


Date and nature of cas

Particulars of children

Type of financial help reqd

Adhaar Card No

Contact Details &


Bank Details



No                   :

Rank              :

Name             :

Unit                 :

Date  :


Nature  :




1. For CEA

2. For marriage of widow/daughter/orphan son.

3. Bath room modification.

4. For mobility eqpt – mod of scooter/car or wheel chair.

5. Financial aid for widow/ward and for skill development trg.

6. For higher education.


7. For pre-enrolment/pre-commission trg.

8.Penury grant for non-pensioners/blind persons.

9. Financial grant for loss due to fire/natural calamity.

10. Ex-gratia grant for widows.

11.Financial grant for serious illness.

12.Demise grant.

13. Any other.


Address Mob No:

Email  ID:


Banker :

Acct No :

Name of Acct holder :

IFSC Code :