Regt Childrens School

Regimental Children School.      The 11 Gorkha Rifles Regimental Children School was established at Ghangora, Dehradun in 1968 with a view to providing quality primary education to the children of service personnel.  The School moved to Lucknow when the Centre shifted from Jalapahar, Darjeeling and is presently located at Kiranti Lines, Lucknow.  This School has established a good track record in preparing children for admission into Army Public School, Army School and other Public Schools.  It is an English medium School with Hindi given its due importance being the National Language. 

2.         Aim of the School

(a)       To impart Nursery Pre-primary and primary education to the Children of all ranks and civilian personnel in their impressionable age.

(b)       To prepare young children for admission to Kendriya Vidyalaya, Army Public School and Army School.

(c)        To provide a medium for social integration of the children of all ranks and civilians.

(d)       To develop the child mentally, physically and morally in order to become good future citizens.

(e)       To inculcate a sense of discipline, civic consciousness, sense of patriotism, punctuality and dignity of labour.

(f)        All round development of the personality of the child with stress on manners and personal conduct.

(g)       To teach children to respect parents and elders as also to develop a correct attitude towards children of the opposite sex.

3.         Facilities in the School.


                                                                 INDOOR GAMES TO ‘LEARN AS YOU PLAY’


                                                                  MILD PHYSICAL TRAINING AT CHILDREN PARK