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Regimental War Cry




The ‘Eleventh Gorkha Rifles’ Battle Cry originated from the second battalion.  It was given to the battalion by Lt Col Onkar Singh Dikhit, their First commanding officer, at the battalion flag hoisting ceremony, on the raising day, 11 January 1963, at Clement Town.

             As recorded in the history, Col Dikhit’s message to Officers, JCOs’ and men on the raising day flag hoisting on 11th January 1963, ended with the following words :-

              “ Let us all on this historic day take a pledge that we shall together, work earnestly, honestly and loyally under the able quidance, help and co-operation of elders in the regiment to bring up this infant battalion of ours into a fine unit, worthy of its name. Keep this flag of ours, which we hoist today, flying high and mighty; till our last breath.  ‘ Jai Mahakali Ayo Gorkhali’ will be our battle cry”

             ‘Jai Mahakali Ayo Gorkhali’ The battle cry of the battalion brought the function to an end.

                      The mode and manner of invoking the battle cry was practiced in the unit at the evening roll calls and battalions assembly.  It was invoked in battle for the first time, in the operations in the Mizo Hills on 15th March 1966, during the assault on pt 5504 at Champai, by Delta Coy (Major Narendra Pal Bhanot).  The objective was captured.  

            Soon   ‘Jai Mahakali Ayo Gorkhali’ became the battle cry of the whole regiment - The Eleventh Gorkha Rifles.









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