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Regimental Crest and Flag



       The Regimental Flag was created out of compulsion, rather than by design.

On 11 Jan 1948, the Comdt Col HS Chauhan realized that with the moving

out of seventh Gorkha Rifles Regimental Centre, the QG of the newly raised

11 Gorkha Rifles was bare- with no gong and no flag. Immediately, Rifle Green

cloth was ordered and on this was stitched two khukris cut out of white cloth,

on the pattern of the seventh Gurkha Rifles crest. This was declared as the flag

of new Indian Gorkha Regt    – the 11 GR. The Regimental Flag, 1.80m x 1.20m

is of Rifle Green background with the 11 GR Crest in the Centre.

This is being used by all the Battalions .11 GRRC was also using this flag till

the raising of Sikkim Scouts and presently the flag is as depicted here.



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