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The Regimental Crest

             The Regimental Crest was created out of compulsion, rather than by design. On 11 January 1948, the Commanding Officer, Colonel HS Chauhan realized that with the moving out of the Seventh Gurkha Rifles Regimental Centre, the Quarter Guard of the newly raised Eleventh Gurkha Rifles was bare- with no gong and no flag. Immediately, rifle green cloth was ordered and on this were stitched two khukris cut out of white cloth, on the pattern of the Seventh Gurkha Rifles crest.  This was declared as the flag of the new Indian Gurkha Regiment – the Eleventh Gurkha Rifles.

             Later, the Regimental Crest was improved further. A Roman eleven was placed between the crossed khukris, points upward and cutting edges inwards.  There was no intention to claim descent from the Eleventh Gurkha Rifles raised during the Great War, hence, the Ashoka emblem was added on top of the Roman numerals to delink the Regiment from British legacy.  Army Headquarters approved the crest.  However, due to ‘designing problems’ the Ashoka emblem did not form part of the first badges fabricated by the Regiment. The Ashoka emblem was gradually forgotten, never to become a part of the Regimental Crest.

             The khukris as they appear on the crest have a greater curvature than real like khukris.  The design is ‘ different’ as are the men of this proud and valiant Regiment.

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