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War Memorials


  Regiment had constructed a modest War Memorial at the Regimental Centre at Ghanghora, Dehradun to honour its comrades who had laid down their lives in operations. When the Centre moved out of Dehradun, it was decided to construct one at Kiranti Lines, Lucknow. The foundation stone was laid by Lt Gen RD Hira, PVSM, MVC, on 27th Nov 1985 during the fourth Reunion-cum-Biennial Conference.The War Memorial was constructed in 1997 and inaugurated on 1st January 1998, during the Golden Jubilee Celebrations by Shri Mulayam Singh Yadav, the then Defence Minister of India. It has a unique design comprising the Mound, the Heavenly Gate, the Dharama Chakra and the Chorten, all of which have a deep symbolic significance.The Mound was raised so that the Memorial constructed on it could be seen from most parts of the Centre to allow paying of reverence. The visitors, while walking around it get time to reflect/introspect, as is the case with most pilgrimages or our places of worship, situated atop hills and mountains.

The Heavenly Gate, is based on the famous 14th century Nepali Architect Arniko’s Pagoda design, reminds the Kiranti fraternity of their rich heritage and culture. It is symbolic of the path to heaven where, most blessed, having made the supreme sacrifice in the call of duty, find their way to become one with the Almighty.

The Wheel (Dharma Chakra) signifies continuity and is associated with Dharma. It, therefore, occupies the Centre stage with the Regimental Crest at the core and an unsheathed Khukri representing the Gorkha valour.
The Chorten is for safe keeping of relics and memorabilia. Also, here in lie the Martyrs’ Books dedicated to the brave sons of the Regiment.







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